Season 1

Episode 1 – The High Riders  – Faced with continual raids by the Pardee gang, California rancher Murdoch Lancer seeks the help of his estranged sons: dapper Bostonian Scott Lancer and border-town gunslinger Johnny Madrid. Air date September 24, 1968

Episode 2 – Blood Rock – The Lancers help a 10-year-old orphan who wants to meet his outlaw father.  Air date October 1, 1968

Episode 3 – Chase a Wild Horse – Used to blowing in the wind, Johnny rebels against his new circumscribed lifestyle.  Air date October 8, 1968

Episode 4 – Foley  – Scott is caught up in a family war when a young pregnant woman shoots her abusive husband and escapes in Scott’s buckboard, sending the husband’s family after both of them in revenge.  Air date October 15, 1968

Episode 5 – The Lawman  – Trouble brews when a washed-up marshal – to whom Murdoch once promised a share in the Lancer ranch – shows up with a group of deputies and a prisoner who claims to know Johnny.  Air date October 22, 1968

Episode 6 – Julie – After meeting a young woman, Scott is waylaid by two unscrupulous bounty hunters who claim he is the girl’s outlaw brother whom they have been pursuing. The local sheriff gives Johnny two days to find the girl and prove Scott innocent, but the bounty hunters have no intention of waiting that long.  Air date October 29, 1968

Episode 7 – The Prodigal – -Murdoch meets an old flame, now widowed, and brings her to the ranch, where they rekindle their romance. But this is all threatened when her son comes to the ranch with another prisoner after their escape from an Army barracks, in which a guard was killed.  Air date November 12, 1968

Episode 8 – Jelly – The Lancers take in supposedly injured stranger Jelly Hoskins, unaware that he is hiding money pilfered from bank robbers so that he can care for eight orphan boys.  Air date November 19, 1968

Episode 9 – The Last Train for Charlie Poe – When Charlie Poe and his wife are forced off their land by land grabbers claiming an old Spanish grant, Johnny, Scott, and Charlie decide to break jail and stop the train carrying the papers the land grabbers hope to use to make their claim official. But Charlie enlists an old friend who may plan to take more than just the papers.  Air date November 26, 1968

Episode 10 – Glory – A pretty young woman and her grandfather try to con the Lancers out of $500 to pay a gambling debt. Air date December 10, 1968

Episode 11 – The Heart of Pony Alice – Johnny gets more than he bargained for when he goes after a horse trader who cheated him and ends up taking care of the trader’s feisty 10-year-old niece.  Air date December 17, 1968

Episode 12 – The Escape – Three men come to Morro Coyo to kill Scott, who they are convinced is responsible for the deaths of a group of fellow inmates during an escape from a Confederate prison during the Civil War.  Air date December 13, 1968

Episode 13 – The Wedding – Scott and his friend Josh, a Lancer ranch hand, try to rescue Josh’s fiancée, who was kidnapped by outlaws during the wedding ceremony.  Air date January 7, 1969

Episode 14 – Death Bait – A man with a vicious dog and a grudge against Jelly terrorizes Murdoch, Teresa and Jelly at Lancer while Scott and Johnny are away on a cattle drive.  Air date January 14, 1969

Episode 15 – The Black McGloins – Scott is duped by the attractive daughter of an Irish con artist whose family is robbing and intimidating the community.  Air date January 21, 1969

Episode 16 – Yesterday’s Vendetta – When Murdoch goes to the town of Mesa Roja to bury the hatchet with an old enemy, he is shot in the back and then disappears. Air date January 28, 1969

Episode 17 – Warburton’s Edge – Trying to avoid violence, Johnny ends up on the wrong side of a range war against Murdoch and the other ranchers of the valley.  Air date February 4 1969

Episode 18 – The Fix-It Man – The Lancers’ plan to build a jail in Spanish Wells unintentionally sets an old handyman against his former protégé, a saloon owner who is the puppet of the leader of a gang of toughs.  Air date February 11, 1969

Episode 19 – Angel Day and Her Sunshine Girls – Teresa’s mother – a ne’er-do-well who ran off when Teresa was born – returns to demand custody of her daughter.  Air date February 25, 1969

Episode 20 – The Great Humbug – A grifter comes to town to cheat the locals in a phony land deal, straining the friendship between Murdoch and a neighbor who once saved Murdoch’s life.  Air date March 4, 1969

Episode 21 – Juniper’s Camp – Murdoch sends Scott and Johnny to rescue an old friend’s daughter, who is about to marry a charming, manipulative and abusive man.  Air date March 11, 1969

Episode 22 – The Knot – After a family of highway robbers shoots Scott and kidnaps Teresa, she begins to sympathize with one of her captors.  Air date March 18, 1969

Episode 23 – The Man Without a Gun – When Sheriff Val Crawford is injured, newcomer to Green River, Clay Crisswell takes over temporarily. His civilized ways and the ability to subdue the rougher element of Green River without a gun make him popular with the businessmen, but things may not be what they seem.  Air date March 25, 1969

Episode 24 – Child of Rock and Sunlight – After being stranded in the desert, Scott is found and taken in to an abandoned mine by an inquisitive young boy. But the boy’s family includes an outlaw uncle who plans to kill Scott and pass the body off as his own.  Air date April 1, 1969

Episode 25 – The Measure of a Man – A schoolteacher encounters hostility and harassment when he arrives to start a school in a ranching community that has had no teacher before. When the teacher disappears after being taken out of town by night riders, his wife decides to continue in his place, and Johnny assists her despite continued resistance from children’s parents.  Air date April 8, 1969

Episode 26 – Devil’s Blessing – Murdoch leaves on a stage for Yuma in hope of disproving assumptions that he’s getting too old to take care of himself. But on the way, he and the stage driver are held up and left for dead. They walk to the town of Blessing, which they find is run by a crooked town boss who has the stage robbers in his employ.  Air date April 22, 1969

Season 2

Episode 1 – Blind Man’s Bluff – Blinded by an outlaw’s bullet, Johnny finds succor and love with a young mute woman as he struggles to evade the outlaw and his brothers, who plan to finish Johnny off.  Air date September 23, 1969

Episode 2 – Zee – Scott catches one of the robbers who was trying to rob a store in a nearby town. The robber turns out to be a young woman, and Scott is deputized to keep an eye on her. It’s not so easy, as the girl is a wild young hellion who does whatever she can to cause trouble.  Air date September 30, 1969

Episode 3 – The Kid – A boy found wandering on the Lancer ranch wants to hire Johnny to kill the ranchers he says murdered his homesteader father. The boy’s sister tells a much different story about how their father died, but after learning that the boy’s story is closer to the truth, Johnny decides to stay on with them, if only to prevent the kid from following the path he did when young.  Air date October 7, 1969

Episode 4 – The Black Angel – Jelly has fallen for a young widow, not knowing that she is involved in a plot to have him killed after he purchases an insurance policy.  Air date October 21, 1969

Episode 5 – The Gifts  -For Murdoch’s birthday, Scott, Johnny, and Jelly each have a gift they’ve already picked out -a stereopticon, a priceless rifle, and a prize sow -but each run into people who may need them even more.  Air date October 28, 1969

Episode 6 – Cut the Wolf Loose – Johnny falls for a young missionary, but he will have competition in the duty she feels toward the downtrodden people she is working with, especially a crippled man and homeless Indians.  Air date November 4, 1969

Episode 7 – Jelly Hoskins’ American Dream – Jelly buys a white Brahma bull at an auction, and becomes the butt of jokes around town because of it, as most ranchers in the area are unfamiliar with the breed. One rancher, however, is determined to either get the bull for himself or make sure it is killed.  Air date November 11, 1969

Episode 8 – Welcome to Genesis – When Jelly is seriously mauled by a cougar, the closest thing to a doctor Murdoch can find to treat him is a man in jail for practicing without a license. The man is brought out to treat Jelly, but a local town boss wants him back in jail for leaving his son crippled after an operation.  Air date November 18, 1969

Episode 9 – A Person Unknown – A friend of Johnny’s is killed in a bar by Tom Nevill, the son of the powerful rancher who runs the town. Johnny is wounded while fighting with Tom, and flees town as he is accused of the killing. He finds shelter at a farm, but the girl who finds him is engaged to Tom, whose father has ordered his men to kill Johnny when they find him. The girl still helps Johnny, but her mother is most concerned with how she can benefit financially.  Air date November 25, 1969

Episode 10 – Legacy – Scott’s grandfather pays a visit to Lancer with the intention of persuading Scott – through fair means or foul – to return with him to Boston to live.  Air date December 9, 1969

Episode 11 – A Scarecrow at Hacket’s – A dying man, believing his land to be cursed, wills it back to the Devil, even though he has a young son. Surprisingly, a claimant shows up: a strange man who seems to know everyone’s name and around whom strange things occur.  Air date December 16, 1969

Episode 12 – Little Darling of the Sierras – Murdoch promises an old friend before he dies that he will watch after his daughter, a child entertainer at a mining camp, and the fortune he says he has left for her, if it can be found before three men intent on taking it do. The girl’s prim aunt, who accompanies them, objects to her upbringing.  Air date December 30, 1969

Episode 13 – Shadow of a Dead Man – Sent by Murdoch to check out a long-neglected piece of land he owns, Johnny finds it occupied by a young woman and her son. She claims to be a Lancer and chases off anyone who sets foot on her land. Johnny persuades her to let him stay and help. Soon another man arrives who may really be dangerous to her, but she seems less suspicious of him than she is of Johnny.  Air date January 6, 1970

Episode 14 – Blue Skies for Willie Sharpe – Scott tries to shape up a town drunk who once was a famous lawman. The man is now being treated as the town fool by the sadistic town boss. But his grandson, who has mainly known of his grandfather through the legends told of him, still believes he’s a hero, and Scott hopes the boy will not be disappointed by the truth.  Air date January 13, 1970

Episode 15 – Chad – Johnny is wounded in the leg while coming to the aid of a hillbilly brother and sister from a group of hostile cowhands. He is forced to run with the two, as the cowhands pursue them. The brother and sister have come West to settle a feud with a family with a name that sounds like ‘Lankry’, and say they plan to kill any members of the family still living.  Air date January 20, 1970

Episode 16 – The Lorelei – Jelly thinks he’s hit the jackpot when he acquires a gold mine, but the men who’ve sold it to him have not told him the fine print. And what’s worse, getting the gold out requires blasting, which will cut off a stream of vital importance to the Lancer spread.  Air date January 27, 1970

Episode 17 – The Lion and the Lamb – After sheepherder Gabe Lincoln saves Johnny from a charging bull, Johnny allows him to temporarily let his sheep graze on Lancer land until his ewes give birth. This does not sit well with the cattleman’s association, who threaten to drive the sheep away by force if necessary. But Gabe does not believe in fighting back, and complicating matters more, he and Johnny’s girlfriend are becoming attracted to each other.  Air date February 3, 1970

Episode 18 – The Experiment – Murdoch decides to allow his land to be used as an experimental prison farm. But he has to deal with hard-nosed guards as well as with the distrust of the convicts, and even his sons’ well-meaning interference inadvertently causes trouble.  Air date February 17, 1970

Episode 19 – Splinter Group – After collapsing in the hot Badlands, Scott’s life is saved by a group of miners and their families who are on the run after a riot in which several people were killed. Scott vows to not tell who they are when he goes back to Morro Coyo to buy food for them. But the store owner who sells the food to them recognizes the leader of the miners and tells the sheriff. After they have gone, the owner also realizes that the vegetables he sold them are contaminated, and Johnny and the sheriff rush to find Scott and the miners to warn them. Air date March 3, 1970 

Episode 20 – Lamp in the Wilderness – Murdoch brings three orphaned Modoc children to an Indian school taught by a determined teacher who unfortunately has little understanding or respect for Indian traditions, a fact which only further angers a former Army scout who has returned to his people and blames the whites for destroying their way of life.  Air date March 10, 1970

Episode 21 – The Buscaderos – A band of outlaws with a Gatling gun takes over the Lancer ranch and holds Scott hostage, demanding in turn that the town turn over its tax collection money to them. The outlaw leader Drago thinks Scott is Johnny, whom Drago is jealous of because his girlfriend Violet was once involved with Johnny and always compares Drago with him, and Violet tells Scott he’d be better off pretending to be Johnny.  Air date March 17, 1970

Episode 22 – Dream of Falcons – Chad, the newest member of the Lancer family, assists an old visionary who plans to build a flying machine, using a hill as his workshop and base for takeoff. This exposes Chad and the old man not only to ridicule, but to the hostility of a big rancher and others who want to use the hill for watering purposes.  Air date April 7, 1970

Episode 23 – Goodbye, Lizzie – Murdoch’s old friend Lizzie Cramer comes to the Lancer ranch, hoping to start a new life with her daughter when she arrives—and breaking with the outlaw gang she’s been leading. But the gang does not want to let go of her so easily. Air date April 28, 1970 

Episode 24 – The Rivals  – Powerful land baron Buck Addison is determined to squeeze out Lancer. He has bought out all the surrounding ranches save one, which is owned by a widowed friend of Murdoch’s, whom Addison has now asked to marry him.  Air date May 5, 1970

Episode 25 – Lifeline – When Jelly comes down sick after getting a bad prediction from a young woman who claims to be able to see the future, the Lancers attribute it to his superstitious nature. But then the cattle start dying in droves, and everybody starts wondering if they have been cursed.  Air date May 19, 1970

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