Just a quick note – 

I think it’s a pretty standard disclaimer that I have no involvement with the show or it’s cast, other than as a fan.

For me, this is a labor of love – I’m not a writer, but I will do my best to articulate my thoughts as I  take my time and go through each episode of the show. Think of this as like a commentary on a DVD.  I’m not going to go through the episodes verbally, but in blog format – critiquing and adding my own commentary on what I liked about a particular scene or moment.  I will also be including various clips when I think additional flavor is needed to enhance my commentary, or when I need help articulating something that just doesn’t translate perfectly to the written word; for example, a particular facial expression.

 Lancer aired at the very tail end of the 60’s. It was a remarkable time, although the decades long run of westerns, in both movies and TV was about to come to an end.  For me, I consider Lancer to be the last vestige of TV westerns. Sure there were a couple of others that came after, but Lancer was still in that 1960’s western mold. 

If you are a Lancer fan, think of this as a place to add your own commentary and thoughts.  If you have not yet experienced Lancer, think of this as your research.  

 I’m really looking forward to re-watching all of the episodes that I remember so fondly.

Lots of Lancer Love,


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